Update on missing sponsored children in Nepal 

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There has been encouraging updates from stand by me, please continue to keep them in your prayers...

Thank you for your amazing support! We have been astounded by your generosity and kindness towards the people of Nepal. Please keep sharing our appeal, we are continuing to hear new reports of the widespread devastation caused by the earthquake. Families and communities who had very little to begin with have lost everything and they urgently need our help.

We are still waiting to hear confirmation of the safety of many of our children. However, we have heard good news that a group of our children are endeavouring to make their way back to our home in Hetauda from the remote villages of the Khairang. We have sent staff to meet them as it is a long trip over the mountains on foot, four days walk at least, landslides have made the tracks impassable so walking the whole way is the only option. Once home in Hetauda they will receive medical checks, food, shelter and lots of warm hugs! 

The funds we have received through the appeal so far are being used to help 150 families in the Khairang whose homes have been completely destroyed. Families are sleeping outside under the open sky, cold, wet and vulnerable. All their food supplies were stored below their houses that have collapsed and their food is ruined and inaccessible. Stand by Me staff have arranged essential relief to each family including a tent, foam mattresses and food supplies which will last at least 15 days. The cost of this temporary but vital relief is £30 for each family. It’s easy to see the terrible images of destruction on the news and become disheartened, but just £30 will help us stand by a family and bring them God’s love.
Thank you for standing by the people in Nepal through the Stand by Me Earthquake Appeal. Your generosity has already helped bring vital relief to families in desperate need.

Our staff on the ground have been working tirelessly to take relief to the Khairang where many of our children come from. 90% of homes in the area were destroyed leaving hundreds without shelter or food. After a tough journey our staff arrived in the Khairang and made sure the essential relief reached the most at risk families in the community. Giving them tarpaulin for a tent and food supplies including rice, lentils, oil and salt to keep them sheltered, nourished and give them hope that they are not forgotten.

As Nepal quietly slips out of the media’s gaze we won’t forget or abandon them and with your help we can offer them hope. The response has been exceptionally generous however, the need is greater than we first thought and we now hope to raise £100,000, every penny donated will reach the people who need it most.

So, what’s next?

Additional relief supplies are being purchased to support 250 families, while we assess the needs of other communities. Our aim is to provide families with building materials, tools, livestock, water containers and pots and pans so that they can rebuild their homes and lives. Today nurses are travelling to the Khairang to provide medical help to isolated communities.

Please share this with the people you know so that we can continue to bring relief and hope for children, families and their communities.