“I want to know all about Christianity and how I can become a Christian and what are the conditions and duties, knowing I am a Muslim. Is it possible if I become a Christian secretly? Because if anyone finds out I will be killed. By the way I’m not alone. It’s me and 26 other people that listen to your radio station. And we would all like to become Christians secretly.”

The writer of this letter is a man called Samir. He has been listening to a daily two hour Christian programme broadcast in Arabic, by FEBA Radio. We may not know much about Samir, where he lives, what he does or about his family, but through a radio, he has heard about Jesus and along with this group of people, perhaps his friends and family, he wants to know more!

We may not realize how important a radio ministry is to those in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, but FEBA are using radio and other media to send the good news of the gospel to people in countries where it may be not possible to go to church, those who have become believers may not have a bible and as far as they know, are on their own.

Doddinghurst Road Church supports FEBA, to enable FEBA to continue to broadcast to these countries, closed to the gospel, that many will hear the good news of the gospel, and that those who have committed their lives to Jesus will know they are not alone.

If you would like to know more about FEBA, visit their website www.feba.org.uk 

(These images are taken from www.feba.org.uk)