Giving a defence for the hope you have in love, giving credible answers to questions people have.

Introduction to Apologetics
What is apologetics? and why does it matter? 
Written by Pete Graham
Replying to Atheism
Belief in no God requires a tremendous amount of faith, it can often feel like there is just no way to honestly discuss your faith with Atheists. This booklet aims to help you engage with people that say they have no faith. 
Written by Pete Graham
Answering the door to Jehovah's Witnesses
Opening the door to a pair of JW's can be a daunting prospect many people avoid, this booklet seeks to give you an understanding of what they belive and how you can talk to them about your own faith.
Written by Pete Graham
Mormonism, Who are they? What do they believe? How do I reach them?
Mormons are often stereotyped as incredibly polite, nice and well-dressed people; very devout and sincere when they present their faith. In this booklet we will be discussing the beliefs and history of Mormonism, what they believe and why, and how to reach them with the real love of Christ.
Written by Pete Graham
Resurrection: History or Myth?
Did Jesus exist?
Was Jesus crucified?
Is Jesus Alive?
Written by Pete Graham
Catholicism, Part 1: Authority in the Catholic Church

What is a true Christian? Why do Catholics believe differently to other Christians? I all comes down to how the Catholic church sees authority.
Written by Pete Graham

Catholicism, Part 2: Conversing with Catholics
How to engage with Catholic ideas and doctrines

Written by Pete Graham

Understanding Universalism: The Search for Spirituality 

Can we follow all religions equally, what about hell? Surely a loving God wouldn't send anyone to hell? This booklet is about universalism and those that ask these questions.
Written by Pete Graham

Christ or Buddha? What is true enlightenment?
Buddhism is seen as a mysterious and exotic faith? What is it they believe and how can I reach them for Christ?
Written by Pete Graham