Brentwood Schools and Christian Workers Trust

The Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust (BSCWT) is a local educational charity that is supported by many churches in the Brentwood area, and has been in existence since 1991.  The Trust exists to serve local schools by providing Christian learning and support.  It’s about Christians serving schools.

The core activities of BSCWT’s work include leading assemblies in schools, taking lessons in curriculum areas such as Religious Education, running voluntary clubs, supporting pupils in groups and one-to-one situations, praying for schools and helping churches to build positive partnerships with schools.  We are involved in many of the primary and secondary schools of the Brentwood borough.

This work is carried out by a small team of part-time staff and many associate workers from various different local churches.  This team is backed up by a Management Committee and Trustees, again drawn from the local churches, and there are ‘church reps’ in many churches, helping to keep people connected with the work of the Trust.  BSCWT is an expression of the local church working together to serve our local schools.

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