A Prayer, Jesus: the Lion and the Lamb 

Jesus you are the victorious Lion, and the slain lamb.

Jesus you possess complete Authority, and act with true humility

Jesus you are Higher and far beyond me, and yet you approach me and make yourself approachable. 

Jesus your Justice is unwavering, but your mercy is unlimited.

Jesus you hold in balance all the world, but you listen to a child’s prayer.

Jesus you deserved goodness, but you suffered evil.

Jesus you are surrounded in Majesty, but lived in meekness and obscurity.

Jesus you have Dominion over the whole world, but you are a servant of this world.

Jesus you can do all things in your Power, but you want to use me.

Jesus you are the King of Heaven, but lived homeless on earth.

Jesus your vast wisdom and understanding confuse the wisest men, and yet you are simple enough to spend time with children.

Jesus you are a warrior and vanquisher, and you are my Shepard and my Salvation.

Jesus your life and blood is the most priceless treasure the world has ever seen, and you gave it for free.

Jesus you will bring judgement on this earth, But you freely offer everlasting grace.

Jesus you have power over all elements and have mastery over nature, yet you refused to use that power to come down from the cross.

Jesus you are the Lion and you are the Lamb.

Peter Graham, 21/10/2015