Mission Statement  

We are a community of ordinary people seeking to reflect the life and hope we have in Jesus through the way we live and serve one another and the community we live in. We don't profess to always get it right, but through God's care and concern, and the relationship we have with Him, we hope to help others learn about the love of a heavenly Father who wants all people to find a home with Him.

How do we seek to live out our mission statment?

Encouraging personal prayer so that our corporate activities reflect our personal relationship with God and not just good planning. 

God's Word:

Teaching and encouraging brothers and sisters to see the beauty and depth of God's written word as a letter of love, encouragement and challenge and not just a self-help manuel or set of rules to follow when the going get tough. All believers are a royal priesthood and a holy nation and it is through God's word that our lives are transformed as we seek to become more like Jesus.

Kingdom Living:

Living out the life we have been called to as an act of worship and obedience to God as we seel the ;eading of the Spirit through personally surrendering our lives to Him on a daily basis/

Widening our personal vision:

Helping each other to see what is going on across God's world and seeking to be salt and light through intercessory prayer and, when it is right to do so , coporate involvement.

The next generation:

Encouraging our young people and children through taking an intrest in their lives and seeking to support them, recognising that young people will see how seriously we take the word of God in all that we do and say.