The Road Back Home

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We all have a story – but we are all part of another story: His story.
We live in a world that was created to be beautiful, purposeful and a secure place that we could call home, but sadly, this world has been marred by man. People search for fulfilment in the wrong places and often end up disillusioned, insecure, and damaged. They are like flowers being cut off from their roots and from the enrichment of the soil which would help them to grow. Our true home is found in God who alone know what is best for our lives and heals our broken hearts and minds.

This Ebook is life changing. Through the scriptures, the stories, and illustrations it gives a beautiful picture of who we were intended to be, our true roots and home for fallen humanity.

It has been fascinating to see how concepts such as ‘image’, ‘sabbath’, ‘rest’, ‘tabernacle’,  ‘temple’, ‘priest’ and ‘kingdom’, have been meaningfully portrayed to unfold a beautiful canvas for us to see of God’s amazing  plan to draw His people to Himself and show them the significance of their lives. The picture of ‘Eden’ gives us a glimpse into God’s heart of love for His people.

The themes in this course are so vital to our understanding of who we are and how life should be. It unfolds the true meaning of our existence and draws us back home to our Father. It cannot fail to bless and encourage you and open your eyes to the wonder of God’s plan for humanity.
May you be blessed, encouraged, and uplifted as you read this booklet.



Jem Trehern, 14/09/2020